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Lee Ritenour - Discography (1976-2010)

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Lee Ritenour - Discography (1976-2010)

Mensaje por Admin el Vie Ago 17, 2012 5:08 pm

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Artist: Lee Ritenour
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1976-2010
Label: USA
Genre: Smooth Jazz/Crossover Jazz/Fusion
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps, CBR [Lame 3.98] from lossless
Total Size: 7.05 Gb
Lee Ritenour: Wikipedia [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
OFFICIAL DISCOGRAPHY:: 1976-2010:: 36CD from 38CD
Lee Ritenour-1976-First Course
Lee Ritenour-1977-Captain Fingers
Lee Ritenour-1977-Gentle Thoughts
Lee Ritenour-1977-Sugar a Loaf Express
Lee Ritenour-1978-Friendship [American Release] [CD'1991]
Lee Ritenour-1979-Feel the Night
Lee Ritenour-1978-The captain's Journey
Lee Ritenour-1979-Rio
Lee Ritenour-1981-Rit
Lee Ritenour-1982-Rit2
Lee Ritenour-1983-On the Line
Lee Ritenour-1984-Banded Together::: [CBR 320.. Lame 3.93.]
Lee Ritenour-Harlequin-1985 [& Dave Grusin]
Lee Ritenour-1986-Earth Run
Lee Ritenour-1987-Portrait
Lee Ritenour-1988-Festival
Lee Ritenour-1989-Color Rit
Lee Ritenour-1990-Stolen Moments
Lee Ritenour-1991-Collection
Lee Ritenour-1991-Joyride [Miki Howard & Roger see Powell]::: [CBR 320.. Lame 3.93.]
Lee Ritenour-1992-Wes Bound
Lee Ritenour-1995-Larry & Lee [& Larry Carlton]
Lee Ritenour-1997-Alive in L.A.
Lee Ritenour-1997-A Twist of Jobim::: [CBR 320.. Lame 3.97.]
Lee Ritenour-1998-This is Love
Lee Ritenour-2000-Two Worlds [& Dave Grusin]
Lee Ritenour-2001-A Twist of Marley::: [CBR 320.. Lame 3.93.]
Lee Ritenour-2002-'s Cary graphic House
Lee Ritenour-2003-A Twist of Motown
Lee Ritenour-2003-The Best of [CD'CIS]
Lee Ritenour-2003-The Very Best of [CD'EU]::: [CBR 320.. Lame 3.96.]
Lee Ritenour-2005-Overtime
Lee Ritenour-2005-World of Brazil
Lee Ritenour-2006-Smoke 'n' Mirrors
Lee Ritenour-Amparo-2008 [& Dave Grusin]
Lee Ritenour-6 String Theory-2010

Lee Ritenour & Friends-2006-Stockholm Jazz Festival ' 2005: CBR 192.
Lee Ritenour-2007-Rhino Hi-Five: Lee Ritenour: CBR 256.
Aranjuez-Concierto de Aranjuez-1987 [feat. Lee Ritenour]:: CBR 320.
Sadao Watanabe-1977-Autumn Blow [feat. Lee Ritenour]:: CBR 224.
VA-1985-GRP Live in Session [feat. Lee Ritenour]
VA-1988-GRP Super Live in Concert vol. 1 [feat. Lee Ritenour]
VA-1988-GRP Super Live in Concert vol. 2 [feat. Lee Ritenour]
VA-1992-GRP all-star Big Band [feat. Lee Ritenour]
VA-1995-GRP Artists ' Celebration of the Songs of The Beatles [feat. Lee Ritenour]:: CBR 320.

DVDRip DISCOGRAPHY:: 1980-2009:: 14 DVDRip
Lee Ritenour-1980-Live from The Cocoanut Grove, vol. 1 [& Friends] [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-1980-Live from The Cocoanut Grove, vol. 2 [& Friends] [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-1984-RIT Special, California USA ' 1984 [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-1985-Live from the Record Plant [in the GRP all-star Big Band] [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-1995-Live in Tokyo, Japan's 1995 [& Larry Carlton] [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-1996-Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Florida USA ' 1996 [SATRip]
Lee Ritenour-1999-Live from The Record Plant, California USA ' 1985 [& Dave Grusin] [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-2003-Live in Montreal, Canada ' 1991 [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-2005-Overtime Part 1 [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-2005-Overtime Part 2 [DVDRip]
Lee Ritenour-2006-Live in Seoul, South Korea ' 2006 [& Dave Grusin] [HDTVRip]
Lee Ritenour-2007-Live at Tokyo Jazz, Japan ' 2007 [SATRip]
Lee Ritenour-Leverkusener Jazztage, 2009-' Germany 2009 [in The Hang All Stars] [SATRip]
Lee Ritenour-2009-North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland ' 2009 [SATRip]

Lee Ritenur (Lee Ritenour, born 01.11.1953) is an American Jazz guitarist and composer. Recorded more than 40 solo and collaborative albums. For his guitar playing style, speed and the purity of the sound got the nickname "Captain fingers" (Captain Fingers). In the mid 70 's for a unique technique of playing he was invited to record their albums most eminent musicians and groups-Herbie Hancock (Herbie Hancock), Stanley Clarke (Stanley Clark), Quincy Jones (Quincy Jones), etc. In his melodic lines are inherent to the elegant phrasing, which combines various guitar playing techniques. Many guitarists have embraced the Ritenur whether the 60 's, for example, Wes Montgomery, playing an octave thumb of the right hand, which gives a soft smooth sound in contrast to the mediator. Ability to play classical guitar, with the canonical statement of both hands, even more makes the creativity of this musician. An outstanding guitarist Whether California Pacific Coast Ritenur really know how to erase the boundaries of musical styles and directions in his work. In his discography can be found an album for every taste – from recording in 1993, "Wes bound", which was certified gold, which the musician has dedicated to the great jazz guitarist Uèsu Montgomery (Wes Montgomery), until the classics with the participation of pianist Dave (Dave Grusin) Georgian for "Two Worlds" 2000 year. On many of his albums can be heard fiery rhythms through cooperation with the Brazilian it probabl ó such as Armando Marselom (Armando Marcal) and Paulinho de Caste (Paulihno da Costa). He worked with musicians: Harvey Mason, Sr., Ernie Watts, Paulinho Da Costa, Dave Grusin, Abe Laboriel, Jerry Hey, Ed Greene, Chuck Findley, JayGraydon, Victor Feldman, David Foster, David Hungate, Scott Edwards, Dean Parks, Don Murray, Jeff Porcaro, Don Grusin, Larry Williams, Nathan East, Alphonse Mouzon, Pink Floyd (rhythm guitar on "One of My Turns" and acoustic guitar on "Comfortably Numb")



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