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Tears For Fears - Discography (1983 - 2010)

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Tears For Fears - Discography (1983 - 2010)

Mensaje por Admin el Vie Ago 17, 2012 5:12 pm

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Artist: Tears For Fears
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1983 - 2010
Label: Epic, Gut, Mercury, Fontana
Genre : New Wave, hard rock, alternative rock, synthpop
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 192-320 kbps
Total Time: 28:31:29
Total Size: 3,4 GB
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Tears for Fears (RUS. Tears of fear) is a British rock band, formed in the early 80 's, Roland Orzabalom and Kurt Smith after the dissolution of their former group "Graduate (Graduate). Initially identified as the new wave, but soon enough they have achieved universal success.

The name was taken from the duo's two favorite books of Arthur Yanov "Primal cry" ("Primal Scream") on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Jan had tears as a substitute for the sense of fear, human odolevšego ("Tears for fears as a replacement).


Orzabal and Smith met as a teenager, living in the city of Bath. Their first major project was the "Graduate", which had "The Jam" and Elvis Costello. In 1980 released their first album, Acting My Age "(RUS. According to age), though not in Top 100 UK has shown good results in Spain and the Netherlands.

In 1981 Orzabal and Smith became interested in other contemporary artists such as Talking Heads, and Brian Eno, then they separated from the "Graduate" and formed a new band, calling it The History of Headaches (Eng: history of headaches), and almost immediately renaming in Tears For Fears. From the outset, they decided that they would form the nucleus of the group, and to complete the picture will invite different musicians.

«Tears for Fears "signed a contract with Phonogram Records in 1981 and released their first single," Suffer the Children "(RUS. Lenient children), in November 1981, followed in March 1982 followed the original version of the hit" Pale are Shelter "(RUS. Decrepit asylum).

"The Hurting" and Songs from the Big Chair

Success came with the third single "Mad World (English)Russian. " (Eng: crazy world), is to step 3 in the British charts in December 1982. Their first album, "The Hurting" (RUS. horror), the band released in March 1983. When you create this and next albums keyboardist and composer Ian Stanley (Engl. Ian Stanley and drummer Manny Elias) (Engl. Manny Elias were considered full members of the band). The album was widely used synthesizers and the lyrics reflect not the best childhood Orzabala. "The Hurting" can be considered the only album that reflects the name "Tears for Fears" as references to emotional suffering and primal′nuû therapy is in almost every song. The album went to the first position in the British charts. The album included such hits as "have become the world's Mad World," "Change" (RUS. Change) and re-recorded "Pale are Shelter."


1983 - The Hurting (41:46)
1983 - The Hurting (Remastered Expaned CD 1999) (1:06:11)
1985 - Songs From The Big Chair (41:48)
1985 - Songs From The Big Chair (Deluxe Edition CD 2006) (2:19:11)
1989 - The Seeds Of Love (49:31)
1989 - The Seeds of Love (Remastered CD 1999) (1:05:14)
1993 - Elemental (46:58)
1995 - Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (50:12)
1996 - Saturnine Martial & Lunatic (1:18:31)
2004 - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (54:33)


1992 - Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82–92) (59:14)
2001 - The Universal Masters Collection (1:18:48)
2001 - The Working Hour (1:17:26)
2002 - The Best Of Remixes (1:09:56)
2003 - The Ultimate Collection (192 kbps) (3:10:20)
2006 - Sowing The Seeds Of Love - The Best Of (VBR 192-320 kbps) (2:15:05)


1985 - Cape Fear (Manchester) (VBR ~ 200 kbps) (50:04)
2006 - Secret World (Paris) (57:07)
2010 - Live From Santa Barbara (1:08:04) (VBR 256-320 kbps)


1989 - Sowing The Seeds Of Love (18:11)
1990 - Advice For The Young At Heart (16:55)
1992 - Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) (14:51)
2005 - Call Me Mellow (VBR 192-320 kbps) (28:55)

Roland Orzabal
2001 - Tomcats Screaming Outside (192 kbps) (54:36)

Curt Smith
1993 - Calling Out [CDS] (20:10)
1993 - Soul On Board (51:48)
1993 - Words [CDS] (13:56)
2008 - Halfway, Pleased (1:07:00)


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