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Willie Nelson - Discography, 97 Albums (1962-2014)

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Willie Nelson - Discography, 97 Albums (1962-2014)

Mensaje por luzwillis el Sáb Jun 21, 2014 9:19 am

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Artist: Willie Nelson
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1962-2014
Labels: Liberty, RCA, Atlantic, Columbia, Island, Justice Records, Lost Highway
Genre: Country, Country Rock
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: 160-320 kbps
Total: 97 Albums
Total Size: 9,75 Gb
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(1962)And Then I Wrote 160 kbps
(1963)Here's Willie Nelson 192 kbps
(1965)Country Willie - His Own Songs 320 kbps
(1966)Country Favorites - Willie Nelson Style 192 kbps
(1967)The Party's Over and Other Great Willie Nelson Songs 192 kbps
(1968)Texas In My Soul 192 kbps
(1969)Good Times 224 kbps
(1970)Both Sides Now 192 kbps
(1970)Columbus Stockade Blues 192 kbps
(1971)Yesterday's Wine 192 kbps
(1972)The Willie Way 192 kbps
(1972)The Words Don't Fit the Picture 192 kbps
(1973)Shotgun Willie 320 kbps
(1974)Phases and Stages 320 kbps
(1975)Red Headed Stranger 320 kbps
(1976)Sound In Your Mind 256 kbps
(1976)The Troublemaker [Bonus Tracks] 256 kbps
(1977)To Lefty from Willie 320 kbps
(1978)Srardust 320 kbps
(1979)Pretty Paper 320 kbps
(1979)Sings Kris Kristofferson 256 kbps
(1982)Always on My Mind 192-224 kbps
(1983)Tougher Than Leather 160 kbps
(1984)City of New Orleans 320 kbps
(1984)Slow Down Old World 192 kbps
(1984)Without A Song 192 kbps
(1986)Partners 160 kbps
(1986)The Promiseland 256 kbps
(1987)Island In The Sea 320 kbps
(1987)What A Wonderful World 256 kbps
(1989)Horse Called Music 320 kbps
(1990)Born For Trouble 192 kbps
(1991)Yours Always 320 kbps
(1992)The IRS Tapes- Who'll Buy My Memories 2 CD 256 kbps
(1993)Across The Borderline 256 kbps
(1994)Healing Hands Of Time 320 kbps
(1994)Moonlight Becomes You 192-256 kbps
(1996)Spirit 320 kbps
(1996)Standard Time 320 kbps
(1998)Teatro 320 kbps
(1999)Night And Day 320 kbps
(2000)Me and the Drummer (Tales Out of Luck) 160 kbps
(2001) Home Is Where You're Happy [Import] 256 kbps
(2001)Rainbow Connection 320 kbps
(2002)The Great Divide 320 kbps
(2003)Crazy- The Demo Sessions 320 kbps
(2004)It Will Always Be 320 kbps
(2004)Nacogdoches 192 kbps
(2005)Countryman vbr 320 kbps
(2006)You Don't Know Me The Songs Of Cindy Walker 192 kbps
(2008)Moment Of Forever 320 kbps
(2009)Naked Willie 320 kbps
(2009)Willie And The Wheel vbr 177-204 kbps
(2010)Country Music 320 kbps
(2012)Heroes 320 kbps
(2013)To All The Girls 320 kbps
(2014)Band of Brothers 320 kbps

(1978)Willie and Family Live 2 CD 256 kbps
(1980)Honeysuckle Rose 320 kbps
(2003)Willie & Friends-Live and Kickin' 320 kbps
(2005)Songs for Tsunami Relief Austin to South Asia 320 kbps

(1982)The very best of Willie Nelson 320 kbps
(1993)Super Hits 320kbps
(1995)A Classic & Unreleased Collection 3 CD 96 kbps
(1997)Classic Willie 256 kbps
(1998)16 Biggest Hits, Vol. 2 320 kbps
(1998)Whiskey River and Other Hits vbr 180-194 kbps
(2000) Country Gold A Step Beyond 256 kbps
(2001)Tales out of Luck 160 kbps
(2003)The Essential Willie Nelson 2 CD 256 kbps
(2005)Country Legend 256 kbps

(1979)One for the Road (with Leon Russell) 192 kbps
(1980)San Antonio Rose(with Ray Price) 320 kbps
(1981)Somewhere Over the Rainbow (with Freddie Powers) 160-192 kbps
(1983)Pancho & Lefty (with Merle Haggard) 320 kbps
(1983)Take It to the Limit (with Waylon Jennings) 224 kbps
(1984)Music from Songwriter (with Kris Kristofferson) 256 kbps
(1985)Half Nelson 224 kbps
(1991)Waylon & Willie - Clean Shirt 320 kbps
(1995)Wanted The Outlaws (with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, Tompall Glaser) 320 kbps
(1995) Revolutions of Time The Journey 1975-1993 (with Curtis Porter) 320 kbps
(1995)Six Hours At Pedernales(with Curtis Porter) 160 kbps
(1998)VH1 Storytellers(with Johnny Cash) 320 kbps
(2000)Milk Cow Blues 320 kbps
(2002)Willie Nelson & Friends - Stars & Guitars 256 kbps
(2003)Picture In A Frame(with Kimmie Rhodes) 192 kbps
(2006)Songbird (with Ryan Adams and the Cardinals) 320 kbps
(2007)Willie Nelson(Merle Haggard & Ray Price) - Last Of The Breed (2CD) 320 kbps
(2008)Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis - Two Men With The Blues 320 kbps
(2011)Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis - Here We Go Again
(2012)Don Cherry & Willie Nelson - 6 Best Friends. It's Magic
(2013)Willie Nelson And Family - Let's Face The Music And Dance

(1976)Outlaws(with David Allan Coe) 160 kbps
(1980) Willie & David Sun Collector Classics(with David Allan Coe) 192 kbps
(1981)Blue Skies vbr 194-200 kbps


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